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Tailor is a well-known Australian finfish with a rich, strong flavour. Its high oil content makes it ideal for grilling, barbecuing or baking but it can also be fried. The flesh is soft so minimal handling and careful cooking are required. If grilling, prepare in fillet form with a mustard meunière. Smoked, it is considered a delicacy. The smoked flesh also makes a succulent pâté. If baking, score to ensure even heat penetration.Ideal flavourings to accompany tailor are fennel, tomato, oregano, basil and thyme, as well as the flavours of citrus and balsamic. If using whole, particularly if filling with a mixture of other ingredients, make sure the gut cavity is thoroughly washed. This will prevent any bitter taste affecting the flesh during cooking.Tailor has a dark strip of flesh (red muscle) on the fillet, which some like to remove before cooking as its flavour is stronger than the rest of the fillet. This strip of flesh tastes fine when cold but can be strong and bitter when hot.Smoked tailor fillets are very highly regarded.


Stock status overview

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