Oreodories have few or no bones, rounded fillets and a light, delicate flavour. They are durable fishes that hold together well under most cooking methods. Although Oreodories are much alike and can be cooked in a similar way, their skin is usually very tough and must be removed. If the skin is removed before cooking, Oreodories can then be suitably grilled or deep or shallow fried. They will marry well with the flavours of tarragon, dill or parsley butters. If Oreodories are cooked with the skin on they are best either baked or poached. The skin is removed before serving. Try char-grilling or wrap in foil and then barbecue. Whole baked Oreodories is superb stuffed with mixtures of rice, herbs and nuts such as pistachios or almonds, score the skin and rub with oil and a little salt and back until the flesh turns white almost to the bone, just coming away from the bones - if it sticks, it needs more time. Let rest for a short while prior to serving (the fish will continue to cook until served) with a squeeze of lemon.